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As A Year Goes By…


   Typical Mom, a year goes by and I get nothing accomplished that’s important to me. Busy with kids, husband, life – even the dog! Pleasing everyone but myself.

   I heard a line in a movie and it hit me. The main character, who is dying, looks back at his life and accomplishments and feels as though all he did was work to support his family his whole life. Work and family. No personal accomplishments, no dreams realized. His friend asks him why he let it happen. His answer is”seventy years can go by like that”. And he snaps his finger.

   Well, this past year went by like THAT.  (Snap.) I can’t believe it’s been a year since I attempted to start this blog. I still can’t figure out how to upload a word document into this damn thing! Don’t they know they should make it easy for us old people, us moms with no time to figure it out?!

   Anyway, I have tons of good stories to share – once I can upload them.

   This past year was a year of a lot of work and a lot of trying but with a lot of resulted failure and little success.

   What kept me so busy, you ask? Well, I started a business, actually on the same day I started this blog and that took priority. I have worked my butt off and I haven’t made a dime. I have learned a lot (yippee) but I’m not sure if I’m stronger now or if I’m on the verge of crumbling. I tried for two and a half years to have one last baby but after a miscarriage and the start of peri-menopause, I think I’m shit out of luck there! I guess I’ll need to wait twenty years for a granddaughter to finally see someone in all those cute dresses I bought in France on my honeymoon. Hope they’re not out of style by then. But those little shoes are so cute….

   Right now my roof is leaking, I make no money, I have night sweats (Thank God no hot flashes yet!) but for some strange reason, my sense of humor is intact. As my husband says, “No one thinks you’re funny except you….”.  Maybe I only entertain myself but at least I’ll go out laughing.

   Perhaps that’s what keeps me sane. That and the knowledge that countless other women have walked the earth before me and mastered these same experiences and survived, even women with six children, women without husbands, women in poverty, women with intense sickness (or just night sweats), women who’ve lost their homes and even women in a time of war.

   I know if those before me could do it, then so can I!

   So, send me your sob stories or funny tales of kids gone wild. Someone can relate. I know there is someone out there who will come after me who struggles with a fledgling business or suffers the loss of an unborn child and all of you will go through menopause (Sorry to inform you of this ladies!)

   So, drop me a line, Baby!


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