A Little Bit About The Minivan Diaries

In a sometimes insurmountable effort to find scraps of time to write as a newly married mother with a baby, former single mom, and now step mom (exhale), I decided there is no place like the minivan! If you figured all that out, you’re probably single with too much time on your hands. For those of you moms, bleary eyed from lack of sleep, I have three kids, no time, and I am not driving my vehicle of choice. I’m a more than full-time desperate housewife, who looks less and less like the ones on Wisteria Lane and a part-time writer. I’m sometimes wishing it was the other way around (see sleepless nights), but mostly glad it’s not (see beautiful baby).

This is my story of commonality as a woman, as a mother. I don’t know about you, but I got sick of seeing beautiful ageless celebrities with help from personal trainers, diets which include air and triple ionized, purified dew drops from the Himalayan mountains and plastic surgeons…”A little more off the bottom, a little more on top, please” as role models and decided to get real. I want to tell the real stories, the ugly truth about being an American woman. Don’t worry non Americans, there’s ugly truth from wherever it is you hail. I say this, and don’t hate me until you finish reading the sentence, as a former bikini friendly body, looking down at a belly that single handedly answers that oft heard request, “ I want to see you wiggle it, just a little bit,” and hey, I’ll even throw in some stretch marks. My belly is the roadmap of motherhood. I consider it a badge of survival.

Now, I invite you , other mothers, other writers, to share your stories, your real stories about life. Share with us your stories about being a woman without a personal trainer, a chef, a driver, a full time masseuse, and probably not even a good babysitter (one who does dishes and actually puts away the toys, for God’s sake). Please share your thoughts, ideas, and stories. Anything you are thinking of, whatever is on your mind and absolutely everything you want to share about yourself, no matter how insignificant it may seem – someone will relate. We love pictures, too, but not too many belly flab photos. I can look at myself naked for that delightful image!


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  1. Kris

    This is a story about the time our dog had puppies:
    I just got a voice mail from Connor, almost six, half crying, “Mom, call me back.” I called back and with my husband in the background saying, “Tell mommy what you did”. “Mom, Emma’s friends and I were throwing the puppies off the deck. Daddy said I have to take a nap and I’m not even tired.” I asked him if he knew he could break the puppies legs or its back. I asked why he didn’t stop it from happening. Of course he didn’t have an answer, but was just upset and crying because he got in trouble. My husband then told me they were flinging them up high into the air and far from the deck saying “You’re free! You’re free!” Although it wasn’t very funny, I started laughing inside, just imagining what the scene looked like. Thankfully my husband stepped in right away and all the puppies were seemingly ok. Boys will be boys!

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